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Towel rack styles are getting more and more, how do you judge the price/performance ratio?

2018-10-26 17:19:50 Click:

Due to the increasing demand for personalized products in the market, the styles of towel racks are becoming more and more diverse, and there are many processes in color. The golden space aluminum and gold copper towel racks are believed to have been seen by everyone, as well as antique, old, brushed, painted and other processes.

As mentioned above, the current cost performance of aluminum alloy is the highest. Generally speaking, aluminum alloy has the longest service life, especially the space aluminum towel rack with a surface-painted process is the most durable, and the baking process is similar to the current private. Like the paint on the surface of the car, it has a strong protective effect and makes the surface of the product smooth, which is not easy to stick to dirt and easy to care.