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How to choose a shower? What should I pay attention to?

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The party and precautions for picking the shower:

1. When the selection is made, let the shower tilt out of the water: If the water at the top of the nozzle is obviously small or not, it means that the internal design of the shower is very general. Even if there are many kinds of water discharge methods such as lasing and spraying, the user may not have it. Go to the corresponding experience.

2, look at the nozzle: pay attention to whether the shower is easy to clean. The nozzle plugging of the shower is often caused by the accumulation of impurities in the screen cover. It is inevitable that the shower will be deposited for a long time. If it cannot be cleaned, some of the nozzle holes may be blocked. In order to avoid blockage of the water outlet due to poor water quality, the well-designed shower head is often prominent, easy to clean, or the nozzle is made of silica gel. When cleaning, the scale deposited on the nozzle can be removed with a rag or hand. Some showers also have the function of automatically removing scale, so you can ask more when you buy a shower.

3. Look at the coating and the valve core: Generally speaking, the brighter and more delicate the shower surface, the better the processing of the coating. A good valve core is made of ceramic with extremely high hardness. It is smooth and wear-resistant, so as to prevent running and dripping. When you purchase, you must try to twist the switch yourself. If the hand feel is bad, it is best not to buy this kind of shower. .

4, shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of their use, but also need to pay special attention. For example, whether the water pipe and the lifting rod are flexible, whether the shower hose and the steel wire have the resistance to bending, whether the anti-twisting ball bearing is provided at the shower connection, whether the rotating controller is installed on the lifting rod or the like.